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Software Development

We provide customer centered customized software services to our clients from qualified well experienced developers. We develop Enterprise Systems Solutions, Online Payment Gateway Integration, Point of Sale (POS) Software, School ERP Systems, Church Management Software, Banking Software, Restaurant Software, Mobile Apps.

Website Development

We are specialised in creating a responsive web design and development to enhance good looking appearance of websites on all user devices irrespective of the user's device screen size. Our Team of professional Web Designers and Developers with several years of experience are there to make you stunning on the internet to promote your business's brand name. We assist you in getting a mobile version of your existing website to add more traffic (increase your website viewers) to your site.

Graphic Design

Our Team of dynamic Graphic Designers provide stunning designs. We design exactly what you think of in mind. Your satisfaction is our joy.


We create Local Area Network (LAN) for offices and homes. We provide professional networking services to our clients from a qualified well experienced network gurus.

CCTV Camera Installation

For your CCTV Camera Installation, call on us to enhance your offices and homes with high tech CCTV cameras.

Solar Panel Installation

We help power your homes and offices with natural solar light. No need to worry about power instability 'Dumsor'. We install quality solar panel that can power your home for about 25 years!

Computer Servicing and Maintenance

The life span of your computer all depends on regular maintenance and servicing. We assist you keep your home and office computers up and running 24/7 by providing expert computer maintenance and servicing.

OS and Software Installtion

We install genuine and activated software applications. We offer consultancy in I.T especially to new growing firms who wants to invest in technology.