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Why Choose camsShopTracker:
Increasingly, companies are looking towards technology such as enterprise systems, for solutions that improve their workflows and customer service process. We put customer satisfaction first in developing our software products.

CamsShopTracker Point of Sale Software comes in both desktop and web versions. The software prints Receipt and has Barcode scanner integration.

Some Key Features of camsShopTracker:

The software tracks customers debts and allows debt payments in installments, calculates profit and loss,scan item barcode, alerts shop owner on finishing items, allows return of sold out items, has employees payroll module, manages finances and expenses, calculates total cash on remaining item inventory, allows credit and cash sales, and many more.


Why Choose camsLiM:
Software Asset Management is a crucial part of IT software procurement. Failing to manage your software licenses correctly could have major consequences for your company.
Software License Management is a plan to help you monitor and maintain all your organization’s various software licenses.

camsLiM is a Lincese Info Manager developed by well experienced software engineers. Imagine dealing with so many software vendors in your organisation. Worry no more about when your software and other services will expire. camsLiM has an automated feature that periodically checks your software licenses and sends you an email prompt when they are expiring. camsLiM has a stunning and well organized way of managing licenses and their vendor infomation.

Some Key Features Summary of camsLiM:

1. To track all vendor licenses and software 2. Automatic Notification: Email alerts & reminders 3. Allow renewal of licenses 4. Quick search of vendor licenses and contact information 5. Track all vendor supporting and non-vendor supporting software licenses 6. Track all assigned and unasigned licenses 7. User dashboards & generates reports, etc...

camsSchool ERP System

Why Choose camsSchool ERP:
School management system is one of the trending technology in education. School Management System helps administrators of schools boost their productivity and reduce the time and effort required to manage schools and accurately organize school data.
There are several reasons as to why school management systems have become the latest cool quotient in the world of education. Managing a school has always been tougher and with every passing day, one can only guess, it is only getting even tougher. The pinch is perhaps felt the hardest by the school administration who run the school. After all, there is so much of work that the school authorities have to do! camsSchool ERP system has come to reduce and replace all those stress.

Key Features of camsSchool:

1. Keeping track of information related to students 2. Parents Portal(Provide access to parents) 3. Information on teachers 4. Manage attendances 5. Keep track of report cards 6. Tracking of fees 7. Managing admissions 8. Managing Transport 9.Track on assignments 10.Facilities such as e-mail and SMS texts messaging 11.Managing profiles 12.Managing libraries 13.Print Receipts after fee payment 14.Generate Report (Fee payments statements)


Why Choose camsChurch:
Church management software enables churches and religious organizations to automate common administrative, management and reporting tasks.

Our feature-rich camsChurch aim to expedite communications, streamline daily operations and support collaboration

camsChurch leverages computing technology to handle tasks and activities of churches such as managing membership databases, emails and communication, worship presentation programs, community and religious events, fundraising, finances, and report generation, among others.

Key Features Summary of CamsChurch:

1. Managing Membership Databases 2. Contribution management 3. Tithe Payment Tracking 4. Donation Tracking 5. Efficient financial reporting:financial statements 6. Accounting Module: Enables secure tracking and reporting of expenditures and revenues for multiple funds. 7. Church-centric Functionality 8. Generate report on all church activities

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